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Date: 11/3/2010 5:49 pm
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  They've been called, "without a doubt, the finest union choir in North America.”
Vancouver’s Solidarity Notes Labour Choir have been making music and working for a better world for a de-cade now, inspired by conductor Earle Peach.  They
will be presenting their 10th Anniversary Concert on Friday, November 5th, at 7:30 PM, at the Unitarian Church, 949 West 49th Avenue in Vancouver.
  The Solidarity Notes are a group of 60 people from many walks of life who have come together out of their shared love of song and the belief that music is an essential ingredient for positive social change. As is their tradition, the Choir will be donating the proceeds of this concert to others working for social justice who are in need of support.
  This special concert will benefit Guatemala’s Camp-esino Committee of the Highlands, known by its Spanish acronym as the CCDA.  The CCDA is a social movement which organizes cooperatives who produce Café Justicia - organic, fair trade ‘plus’ coffee that is widely available in Vancouver labelled Café ético.  Because the CCDA also promotes Mayan culture, fights for plantation workers’ rights and struggles for land reform in Guatemala, they are often targeted by political opponents. They have recently suffered a series of coordinated, vicious and debilitating attacks
which include death threats, shootings, large-scale robberies and extensive vandalism.
  The Solidarity Notes 10th Anniversary Concert will feature performances of Mayan dance, the music of Marimba La Kanjobalita, and an appearance by the
Big Sing (a group of five East End choirs who came together during theOlympics), in addition to a full repertoire of fabulous songs sung by the Choir itself.
There will also be a silent auction, delicious Guatemalan food and refreshments, and baked goods for sale.  Tickets are $20 and are available from People’s Co-op Books, 1391 Commercial Drive; however, no one will be turned away at the door for lack of funds. Seating is limited!

As one inspired audience member said of the Solidarity Notes, “Music wins hearts and attention where words sometimes fail.”
On November 5th, please join us for an unforgettable and uplifting evening of music and solidarity.